Gill Kelly


After graduating with a Degree in Art History Gill become an Exhibitions Assistant taking books to schools around Europe. She then entered the art world by becoming a private Art Gallery Assistant going on to sell art to businesses before rising to the position of Manager of an Art gallery in Bath. Whilst she enjoyed it for a while, it didn't fulfil her need to contribute to a greater society. She made the decision to leave the role to join the teaching profession and has never looked back. Gill has been a freelance trainer, executive coach and facilitator for the past 4 years. Prior to this, she has twenty-two years of experience in education with fourteen years’ experience as a Senior Leader. She has most recently been Headteacher of a UK state boarding school and was formerly Executive Principal for Wellspring Academies Trust where her leadership was recognised by OfSTED. Gill brings her passion and drive to everything she does. Gill is also an author, trainer and public speaker. Her books include the titles “Where will I do my Pineapples”, “There is Another Way” and most recently “The Working Class”, all published by Crown House.


Future Leaders

28 February 2019 | 13:30 - 14:30 | English | How Expressing True Vulnerability and Openness to Other Perspectives on Teaching Can Transform Practice

In this workshop Gill will explore how school leaders can create a culture within which teachers can truly be themselves and in doing so take more risks, be more innovative and be more open to change. She will bring her experience of school leadership in 3 different and diverse settings and combine it with her training as an executive coach to draw out the transformational process that can occur when people are truly vulnerable with their colleagues and team mates.