Gilda Scarfe

CEO and Founder

Positive Ed Ltd

Gilda Scarfe is the CEO and founder of Positive Ed, a educational consultancy using research to design, implement and evaluate wellbeing, mental toughness in education. She is an outstanding facilitator and speaker who regularly presents at national and international wellbeing and education conferences. She has delivered effective and highly engaging programmes to people from primary school students and their teachers to secondary and tertiary education as well as senior corporate executives. Her humour and honesty allow her to create environments where participants fully engage and contribute. Gilda is working with schools and companies around the world to build the wellbeing, mental toughness and emotional intelligence of individuals, students, parents and employees. Gilda has been responsible for the organisation and implementation of the Positive Psychology/Education strategy at several grammar and private schools in the UK, Cyprus, Singapore, Dubai and Thailand and has supported the strategic direction and implementation of Illuminate Education a non-profit organisation promoting Positive Education initiatives.


Leadership stream

25 February 2020 | 10:30 - 11:00 | How to Develop Authentic and Emotionally Intelligent Leaders for the 21st Century

Leadership skills are, in many contexts—schools and classrooms, workplaces etc. equally recognizable. Individuals who take initiative, who have a vision, and who can strategize, plan, and accomplish goals to achieve their vision are considered good leaders. But what another kind of skills that make up a good leader? Not just professional skills—you may be highly trained and proficient in your field—but skills that contribute to your ability to work well with others and to lead your team to success? Emotional intelligence is an enabler of diversity and inclusion because it’s a set of skills that enable people to understand better the people they work with.

Future Leaders

25 February 2020 | 12:30 - 13:30 | What Skills Will 21st - Century Teachers Need to Prepare Our Students?

We often hear about 21st century learners and the knowledge and skills our students need for the future. What about teachers? What skills will 21st -century teachers need to prepare our students? How are they different from the skills teachers needed in the past? The quality of education has significantly changed in the past years. Previously, the university’s key aim was that of providing students with certain types of knowledge that they were expected to apply later, but today universities focuses primarily on ‘life skills’. Our aim is to teach students to obtain knowledge by themselves and to work in ways that enable them to come up with new ideas. Generating new ideas is a key tenet of modern society. We need professionals who are culturally competent, talented, innovative and creative problem-solvers, skilled and critical thinkers. New technologies give an opportunity to encourage critical thinking.



26 February 2020 | 13:00 - 13:10 | Breaking The Barriers Between Education And The Real World

Instead of learning to memorize facts and figures, students need to “learn how to learn” and how to solve problems.  We need to break the barriers that exist between education and the real world.  We need to create a bridge between learning and work. We need to bring the working world into education a lot earlier and take education into the working world.