Gerd Leonhard

Futurist & Humanist, Author, CEO, Film - Maker

The Futures Agency

Gerd’s passions are the future of humanity, culture, society, and business in the face of exponential technological progress.In a world dominated by technology, data and algorithms, robots and intelligent machines,what will it mean to be human? Are humans and machines really destined to ‘converge’?What do we need to do, today, to make sure that human happiness and collective flourishing remain the most important objectives? Is our current economic system suitable for a future were technology is virtually unlimited?In his keynotes, talks, presentations, and seminars, Gerd addresses topics such as digital ethics (the ethics of technology), artificial intelligence (AI), the future of work and jobs,rebooting education, the digital transformation of business and society, the future of politics,and many more, focusing on the next 5-10 years. Gerd’s latest, best-selling book is“Technology vs. Humanity”, now available in 10+ language.


GESS Talks Arena

25 February 2020 | 12:00 - 12:20 | Technology & Humanity, Jobs, Work and the Future of Education: the next 10 years

Our world will change more in the next 10 years than the previous 100 years, and the way we work will never be the same. A totally blended and diverse workforce, the gig economy as the new normal, virtual and remote work... and most 2030 jobs haven't even been invented yet. What can we expect in the next 10 years, what are the opportunities and challenges that exponential technological progress will bring? What skills will we need, and how must education adapt to a world where machines are learning and 'thinking', and where 9 Billion people will be connected at almost unlimited bandwidth?  The future is better than we think - and we can choose to create it or be created by it!