Gerard Lavelle

Innovation Champion

Kent College Dubai

A teacher of 14 years with methodologies slightly left of centre, I pride myself on being different and looking for new and interesting ways of refreshing old and tired methods. From lessons to reports, ways of presenting work to enrichment, it's about being brave and taking the plunge into a different educational void. I believe there's a place for writing, for reading & for tech. I've taught in various different countries, with various different cultural differences and it is always the same no matter what classroom I am in; if the lesson is engaging and challenging, the pupils are engaged and challenged.


Future Learning

26 February 2020 | 13:00 - 13:30 | English | To innovate, we need to drop the tech

There is a recent trend for schools to buy into the newest and the shiniest technology around, often spending thousands on hardware and software in order to try and keep up with 'innovation' in education and edtech. But why are we really doing this? Are we serving our pupils the best that we can, or are we simply trying to out do our educational neighbours? I have been involved in revamping our Computing curriculum and have focused on asking pupils what they want to learn about. Overwhelmingly, they want an opportunity to create, to design, to think. So my question is, does the tech we use give learning opportunities to our pupils, or should the pupils be given learning opportunities to use the tech? Listen to our student voice from Kent College Dubai to find out what they think and how they developed our new EIT curriculum.