Frederic De Melker

Managing Director, Personal Banking


Frederic de Melker was appointed Managing Director of Personal Banking at RAKBANK in December of 2017. Frederic is currently running the Bank’s entire personal banking segment, which entails building and implementing strategy, growing the sales volumes, diversifying the product portfolio, and expanding on services offered to all individual customer segments. Frederic consistently follows a customer-centric approach when launching new products and services. His experience and strong knowledge in the banking field expands into the delivery of end-to-end digital channels and digital transformation that aims on enhancing customers’ banking experience. That being said, Frederic trusts that constant contact with customers’ through relationship management creates an appropriate balance with the digital element of banking. Over the last 20+ years, Frederic has held various senior positions across international and regional banks, with robust exposure specifically in the Middle Eastern markets. 


Innovation Stage

27 February 2020 | 15:30 - 16:00 | Digitalization of school payments for a cash to cashless journey

Managing school payments nowadays is definitely a challenging task for both schools and parents.

For schools, efficiencies of their operating systems are declining due to the acceptance of manual payment methods; like cash and cheques. This in turn increases cost and leads to security concerns for the school.  Additionally, admin staff might resort to working on weekends for payments collections. For parents, it is an inconvenience to provide physical payments for school fees, excursions, uniforms and so forth.

Digitalizing school payments can make all these activities easier and more efficient for both parties. This would greatly assist the schools to accept and manage all payments via a digital and systematic solution. Similarly, parents can now completely avoid the long and never-ending queues all while conveniently making the payments whenever and wherever they please. Additionally, this secure payment method will help them save time, avoid any stress that can be caused by traditional payment methods, and lastly manage their children’s school expenses.