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Frances O'Neill


An entrepreneurial creative. Multi award-winning writer / producer of short films and children’s books.  Has produced a series of 'edutainment apps' for the cultural tourist. Established digital workshop for young people to co-create content. Created apps for three global authors, F Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway and Alexander McCall Smith. 
Experience as school teacher, college lecturer, creative industries project manager, writer and filmmaker.


Future Learning

27 February 2019 | 10:30 - 11:00 | English | Game Based Learning on Location

Game Based Learning is incredibly successful in terms of learner engagement. The global quiz company Kahoot! allows teachers and students to create and play classroom based quizzes.  Kahoot has millions of active users.

Game Based Learning on Location, gets students out of the classroom and take them on a journey that is intellectual, emotional and rewarding.  We will discuss the benefits of ‘The Walking Classroom’ and ‘Activity Based Learning’.

This is a hands on workshop that will demonstrate various apps and content creation systems in the Game Based Learning on Location sector.  Apps that include; Social Scavenger Hunt,  ActionBound, Seppo, Huntzz, Global Treasure App.   We will workshop the best way to create content, from; types of location based questions, taking engaging location pictures, length and type of audio and video.