Fiona Carter

Director of Education

Wellington College International

Fiona has recently transferred from Wellington Colleges China, as their Director for International Business Development to Wellington Colleges International to be their Director of Education. Her role specialises in Early Years and Primary education and combines quality assurance with ensuring that all international schools in the group act as thought leaders in the educational provision they offer in existing and upcoming schools. Fiona began her international career with the consultancy group, Early Excellence as a trainer, speaker and specialist in the design of learning environments and went onto advising governments and school groups in the Middle East and SE Asia on academic strategy and governance.  Previous to this, she led in Local authority school improvement teams in SE England and primary schools in the north. Fiona is a strong advocate for the implementation of approaches such as PEEC and the Leuven Scales to ensure that pupil wellbeing and involvement are central to planning for progress and has recently worked closely with international assessment leaders and Principals to promote and advise on what is regarded as effective and inspirational values-based education.      


Wellbeing Space

16 November 2022 | 13:50 - 14:10 | English | Wellbeing strategy across a Family of Schools - intent and impact so far

The session will summarise the ways in which the Wellington College family of schools has developed a Wellbeing curriculum for all age groups which began with the pioneering initiative in the original 13 to 18 year old boarding school in the South East of England. As well as describing the implementation of approaches such as the Leuven Scales, PEEC and our home grown Chinese/English bilingual version, the talk will outline the key features for success plus what has had to be changed and still needs further development. An opportunity for any questions and further networking will also be available.



16 November, 2022 | 12:20 to 13:00
Early Years Panel Session: Lessons learnt: the way forward for Early Years Settings


After the tumultuous past three years when early years settings have had to drastically change their practice, many early years leaders are taking stock of where they are now. Change is inevitable and we know the best settings are always looking at ways to improve on the previous best, but what happens when massive and sudden changes are imposed? Practice has been impacted in all areas of practice from the curriculum to staffing. This panel session discusses what this means for early years settings and how we can learn lessons and emerge stronger and more resilient.