Filippo Prosperi

Business Development Director

Filippo Prosperi was born in Rome in 1977 and then he moved to Milan where he now lives with his family. He studied Business & Management at the University of California in San Diego and Business Administration at the University of Milan. He is Business Development Director and Member of the Board at De Lorenzo S.p.A.: since 1951, the Italian leading Company and among the first in the world in the design, development and production of technical and vocational training equipment. In his free time, Filippo likes playing sports as ski, run, tennis and triathlon. He believes that in life, as in sports, discipline and commitment always lead to good results.


Innovation Stage

27 February 2019 | 11:00 - 11:20 | English | Vocational Education as an Indicator of the Global Economy

Since a few years, global education has been rapidly changing, because of two main reasons. On one side, the incentives that countries have created for people to improve their know-how and skills through an increase in their education and on the other side the major increase worldwide of higher education. However, this trend has certainly been jeopardized by another major point, that is, the global recession started in 2009 and still hovering, although with different impacts, on any country today. We can say that no country – no matter how well-educated – is totally immune from the effects of a worldwide economic crisis. But we also have to underline that it is very important, to counter fight economic downturns, to have a high level of education. This is important for the economy, for the labor market and for the whole society.