Fawziah Almughamisi

Ministry of education Fifty-sixth secondary school

High School Mathematics Teacher, Sheik Mohammed Bin Zayed Award for Best Gulf Teacher, Hamdan Bin Rashid Award, Ministerial Excellence Award, Arab National Achievement Makers Award, Trained in Using Modern Learning Technologies and Modern Teaching Strategies, More than 8 educational books have been authored and procedural research has been prepared


Future Learning

26 February 2020 | 16:30 - 17:00 | Activating Educational Games in Teaching

The results of research and studies that are concerned with the process of learning and teaching to the effectiveness of a number of modern teaching strategies to improve the various abilities of applications. Freedom to express itself within a socially acceptable framework, enjoyable for her and those around her. Develop a love for learning and positive interaction, and help deepen the mathematical concepts and applications help to develop the skill of imagination and creative thinking and provoking the mind to think and solve mathematical problems, increase students' motivation to learn and achieve pleasure and thrill to have.