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Fawziah AL-Magamsi

Maths Teacher

Maths teacher Specialization: Mathematics + General Diploma in Education Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Award for Best Gulf Teacher Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Award (Distinguished Teacher) The Ministerial Excellence Award and the Achievement Achievement Award in the Arab World A professional trainer in mathematics and in the use of modern teaching technology - effective teaching skills Co-trainer of the King Abdulaziz Foundation and his men in the talent and creativity (strategies of teaching mathematics to the talented student) Author (GeoGebra Explanation Book - Math Dictionary & Terminology Arabic English - Mathematics Olympiad for Beginners - Using iPad in Teaching.......) Preparation of procedural research (use of modern technology and its impact on collection - Mathematics and its effect in increasing learning motivation among female students Preparing an integrated mathematics lab (Intelligent Separation)

Innovation Stage

26 February 2019 | 13:30 - 14:00 | Arabic | Intelligent separation (Math lab) and an increase in academic achievement and increase the motivation of students to learn

This experience focuses on caring for the classroom environment to provide students with equal opportunities to learn and encourages communication within and outside the classroom. And activate the role of technology in learning The presentation includes providing a safe classroom environment with the components of the physical environment and applications of technology in the learning of mathematics using mathematics programs and applications of the iPad and graphic calculators and some techniques and teaching aids This experiment led to the consolidation of the concepts of mathematics through the software and to clarify and approximate the abstract image of mathematical concepts, and contributed to increase the motivation of learning among the educated, and help the learners to develop creative thinking and exploring concept