Farzana Dohadwala

Former South Asia Representative

International Baccalaureate Organisation (IB Board)

I am a passionate national and international educator with over 30 years ofexperience in the educational vertical-establishing, managing and runningschools. I see myself more as a change maker across the country pioneering newapproaches to education so we can get our students future ready, building a skillstoolkit for them through our student centred curriculum. I am a dream drivenfacilitator and aspire to help each learner actualize his dreams I have also beenthe IB Representative for South Asia for nearly 2 decades. I began my journeywith the IB when it hasa couple of schools in India and the number rose to over100 when I resigned from the origanisation in 2009. I also am an AcademicAdvisor for several schools following the state, national and internationalcurricula to help them usher in an inquiry basedmodel of teaching & learningacross India.


25 February, 2020 | 10:30 to 11:30
Education 4.0: How Future Jobs are Changing Education Today?

By the time the current kindergarteners reach the job market, many jobs as we know them today may not exist and a study says over 75 percent of jobs will be newly invented. The world is changing and changing very fast. Making today’s children future ready demands a complete overhaul of the way they are educated. What was good a decade back has no relevance in the next decade.

In this session, panelists will discuss:

  • What does ‘future of jobs’ mean for schools and colleges? Is it leaving educators with more questions than answers
  • Will we need degrees/ diplomas or anything else to enter the future job market?
  • Future-of-education and Future-of-jobs–How to make the Match?
  • Are we heading towards a multi-skilled education for a multi-career future?
  • Are we indeed ready for the future? Are we equipping our new generation with the right education, technical and personal skillset and the mindset to embrace the powerful,technology-based future?