Fahad Bubshait


Nuat VR
Fahad Fouad Bubshait is a Saudi Entrepreneur and Founder of Nuat, a Dubai based company specializing in LBE attractions and experiences. Nuat has also just opened its first VR lab in a school in Dubai where they build their own interactive and gamified lessons. Nuat plans to accelerate learning by building a library of interactive content for schools to give everyone the ability to master any topic and lesson. Fahad is the son of Fouad Abdulla Fouad, who pioneered the entertainment industry in Saudi Arabia during the 80’s and grandson of Abdulla Fouad, a prominent businessman in Saudi Arabia. Fahad is also a board member and former CEO of Mantech, which owns the family entertainment enters chain Toy Town.

Immersive Technology Stage

25 February 2020 | 15:00 - 15:30 | Unlocking the Potential Power of Knowledge

In today's world of rapid and endless change, the ability to absorb information rapidly and solve problems has become paramount towards success and fulfilment in life. This ability comes from a strong educational foundation and thinking framework. But, it’s more than just receiving information. It’s knowing how to use it in our daily life beyond school. The challenge today is that students are given information that is mandated by a certain curriculum and asked to use this information to prepare for tests. Although the information they are given is crucial, it is not organized into definite plans of action. How do we prepare the students of today for the world of tomorrow with the limitations of time and regulation? How do we ensure that they are pulled towards learning rather than being pushed? Compelling content and a well thought out rewards system can keep students engaged and their learning to be autonomous. To move beyond knowledge being potential power, into power.