Faeza Sirajudin

CEO and Co-Founder

Face The Future

FAEZA SIRAJUDIN has been an educator since 1997, having taught in public, private and international schools. Currently, she runs a company which provides experiences to young people which helps them activate and be evaluated on their 21st Century Skills. She believes education has to be forward-minded to remain relevant in the changing world.  She has designed board games which emphasise the inculcation of soft skills such as collaboration, risk management, and empathy. She was recently conferred the “Outstanding Leadership in Education” award by Education 2.0.


Growth Mindset

16 November 2022 | 14:00 - 14:20 | English | Getting better at being human!

If machines are getting better at being machines, if robots are getting better at being robots, then ... we human beings need to get better at being humans! If technology is freeing us up from the daily grind, then instead of bemoaning that it is replacing us, we need to fill that time with looking beyond - at making the world and ourselves better than what we are now. To keep devising better processes and inventing better machines so we can keep moving ahead to becoming better at being human.