Evo Hannan

Founder, Innovation X

Evo Hannan is passionate about design and innovation in education. Innately driven by his desire to create positive change, Evo has utilised his 20 years of experience to channel into projects which have made an impact across the globe, including The Agency, and Ed Talks Live, a live YouTube talk show which engages in hot education topics with guests from around the globe. This inspired him to take a step out of the classroom in July 2021 and start his own education venture called Innovation X, a big thinking company created to help inspire new ideas to move education forward. He recently launched Vertigo, a social media agency for schools and education partners that offers a modern approach to communication, learning and community engagement.

Future Transformation Zone

14 November 2021 | 16:25 - 16:45 | English | 5 reasons social media can transform your school

Does your school use social media effectively? Are you aware of how social media has changed the business world and how it can transform your school? Our communities are constantly connected to a fast-paced world where information is created, shared, and consumed at higher rates than ever before. Our learners were born during the technological boom and our teachers and parents have become accustomed to the benefits of digital technology to enhance our daily lives. Social media has become a primary tool for research, communication, and learning. Join me as we explore 5 key reasons how social media can help transform your school.