Eng. Abdullah AlTamimi

CEO, Tatweer Educational Technologies

Eng. Abdullah AlTamimi is the CEO of Tatweer Educational Technologies company (TETCO) from December 2019, He holds a number of leading positions in the government and the private sector, with a number of international professional degrees in leadership, He was a former member of the National Committee for Digital transformation and on the board of technical company for intelligent automated systems.

Global Learning

15 November 2021 | 14:35 - 14:55 | Arabic | Future Trends EdTech Perspective

The Covid-19 virus came with new norms for the world, education has been on the forefront where e-learning EdTech acquire the largest share of the invested capital. Education and training industry in most countries of the world have accelerated towards digital transformation and reliance on technologies, to enhance the learning outcomes with appropriate use of these technologies that help in achieving desired goals and objectives such as equal opportunity, enhancement of efficiency and quality, to the reduction of costs.