Emily Konstantas


The Safeguarding Alliance

Emily Konstantas is currently undertaking her PhD in Child Protection Legislation and Practise. Emily who holds a LLM, LPC, LLB (Hons), N.Grad and NALP has a keen interest in all legislative frameworks surrounding child protection both in a National and International context. Emily sits on a number of advisory boards across Europe as a Safeguarding Expert and has founded and developed The Safeguarding Alliance, a London based Alliance which supports a global safeguarding network. Emily is keen to raise the profile of the rights of the child and looks at legislative barriers that need to be overcome in order to ensure continued best practice is established and maintained.


Education in action

25 February 2020 | 14:30 - 15:00 | Safeguarding and Child Protection Best Practice in an International Context

To ensure every child is protected and free from harm, abuse, neglect or exploitation legislation and policy need to be consistent and representative of practice. Due to the complexities of the law, compliance may be redundant if not fully understood. This poses a risk not only to the child, but to the individual and organisation itself. Legislation and policy however robust need to be active and play an integral part of shaping practice. To ensure compliance The Safeguarding Alliance have established the Safeguarding Standard as a framework to set the benchmark for Safeguarding excellence, allowing an external validation of best practice. Operating a robust Safeguarding framework ensures children are at less risk of significant harm, and organisations less at risk of serious reputational and financial damage. Implementing a Standard in Safeguarding ensures continued adherence to safe practices, which are frequently reviewed in accordance to legislation and policy.