Dr. VSK Reddy

Vice Chancellor

Malla Reddy University

Dr.VSK Reddy, Vice-Chancellor, Malla Reddy University has an experience of more than 25 years in Teaching and Industry put together. He is an alumni of Indian Institute of Technology, (IIT) obtained his Ph.D and he is versatile in Multidisciplinary Specializations in Communications and Computer Science Engineering. His laurels include more than 150 Publications in reputed International and National Journals and conference Proceedings. He is a fellow of IETE, Life Member of ISTE, Member of IEEE and member of CSI.  He was awarded as “Best Teacher” in three consecutive Academic years with citation and cash award. He is the recipient of “India Jewel Award” and “Global intellectual Award-2021” for outstanding contribution to research/academics in the field of Engineering and Technology. He was a member of Board of Studies for JNT University, Hyderabad, India. 

He is the Education Fellowship Awardee from British Council, UK to visit England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland Countries for analyzing the education system in UK. He is an accomplished academician, renowned speaker and visiting professor to various Universities in UK and Malaysia



Global Learning

16 November 2022 | 10:30 - 11:30 | English | Education Anytime Anywhere: Meeting Learner Expectations in 2023 and Beyond

From blackboard to palmtop, digitisation has delocalised education and made it available on demand. Access is now only constrained by device and data, but learning is an altogether different matter. Enabling interaction, reflection and response in a digital world is quite a challenge, and the need for physicality trumps the ease of access by digital means. This throws up tremendous challenges for both the teacher and the learner.

Session will cover:

Is access no longer an issue or is there an emerging digital divide?

A hybrid in the making. But how much and how far?

How do learners respond? Is learning by doing the answer?

Is education making future ready citizens? Effectiveness versus efficiency?