Dr. Steven Reissig

CEO & Partner, Education Improvement Partners FZC

Dr Steven Reissig is a high-impact, proactive and solutions-focused educational leader with successful international and national educational reform, development, and transformation expertise. Experienced working on large-scale education projects including K-12, vocational and higher education. Previous engagements include advising and implementing solutions with Ministers of Education, CEO’s, C-level executives, Executive Directors, Deputy Vice-Chancellors, Vice- Presidents, Presidents, Directors and Government leads to achieving large-scale educational reform. High-impact engagements in Australia, Pakistan (with McKinsey & Company), Bahrain, Papua New Guinea and the United Arab Emirates. Extensive networks across the Middle East, South East Asia and Australia within Government and private sector. Proven experience advising Ministers and C-level executives to design and deliver strategic ideas, projects, and initiatives. Agile leadership skills and ability to empower and empower individuals and teams. Highly committed to making a sustainable impact in every engagement to advance the quality of education and innovation. Dr Reissig has worked with school leadership teams with regulating bodies in the UAE, as well as provided coaching and mentoring across a number of countries.



Leadership stream

15 November 2021 | 11:40 - 12:00 | English | Coaching and supporting leaders in changing times

The global pandemic brought lots of uncertainty in education, particularly here in the UAE. What I do know from personal experience was the power of coaching and effective listening during the transition from face-to-face to virtual learning and then the re-opening was a tremendous challenge. Having worked at the coalface with principals, it was their resilience and the ability of regulators to listen, respond and support that was so important. The lived experiences of managing WhatsApp groups, Zoom seminars and one-on-one sessions was central to a coordinated strategy.