Dr. Shaun Conway

EdHeroes Advisory Board member; Founder and President of ixo Foundation

Dr. Shaun Conway is widely respected for his thought leadership and innovations in ethical, data-driven technologies and systems to positively transform human experience and collective wellbeing. He is currently leading the development of a Web3 Internet of Impact, which he describes as "a global digital immune system for humanity." As a clinically experienced physician, international development specialist, and passionate technologist, he has worked on ambitious initiatives with global institutions, corporations, national governments, civil society networks, and academic institutions.


Leaders in Education Conference

16 November 2022 | 13:20 - 14:00 | English | Leadership as a solution to modern educational challenges

The EdHeroes Network has organized this session to address the changes in the landscape of education, from the means of delivery to entire educational programs. The priority of subjects and skills necessary for a curriculum is being reassessed, and we are sitting at the edge of a new educational system. The need for soft skills and adaptability became more apparent, and many leaders and innovators have emerged. We now know that leadership skills can be acquired, arguably, at any age. The EdHeroes Network emerged to bridge the skill gap in education with the help of its many partners, leaders and projects. This section is dedicated to the importance of cultivating leadership in children, teachers, educators, parents and more, as well as the means and methods to do so. Follow along to hear experts’ insights and opinions, and ask important questions.