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Dr. Sarah Rogers



Dr. Sarah Rogers Founder, Owner & CEO Early Years Educational Services & Quest Direct BA in Education, B Phil, MA in Education. Doctorate in Education Dr. Sarah is an expert in best early years practices, with a passion to raise the level of professionalism in early years practice across the Middle East. Sarah aims to increase awareness of the importance of high-quality practice in the early years to a child's life and life chances. From the UK, having qualified and taught there, then living and working in the UAE for 27 years, Sarah is the founder, owner, and CEO of an educational training company based in Dubai and formally Abu Dhabi. Originally Early Years Educational Services (EYES) was established in 2008, and Quest Direct was established in 2014 and merged in 2019, Sarah is committed to providing high-quality training and support for early years professionals.

EYES was the first NCFE/CACHE Centre in the Middle East and Quest remains the largest centre and the market leader in the UAE. Sarah was pleased to be named one of the most influential educators in the UAE region by Which School Advisor in 2017. Sarah is currently dividing her time between the UK and the UAE focusing on spreading good early years practice to professionals in the Middle East, Far East and Asia. Being aware of different contexts and cultures, her vision is to enable all education early years professionals to obtain high-quality training that meets their needs in an accessible, affordable way. 


30 October, 2023 | 12:30 to 13:30
The dichotomy in reconciling best early years practice with the demands of legislators.

Teaching in the early years is more difficult now than at any other time as educators strive to balance best practice initiatives with the requirement from legislators to be more accountable. Early years educators endeavour to develop best innovative practices that nurture children’s holistic development. However, they are also having to contend with greater scrutiny and accountability from legislators to provide data that reports children’s progress leading to more measurable teaching practices. The dichotomy between approaches is leading to many in the early years questioning how they can reconcile their beliefs about what early education should be with the requirements to produce paperwork and evidence to meet the demands of increased reporting. This session discusses the conflict experienced between making organic progress to best early years practice against meeting the demands of legislators.

31 October, 2023 | 11:30 to 12:15
Exploring contemporary visions of Early Years Education

This panel will consider best international approaches to Early Years education from experts with global experience. Our panel will discuss what early years education should look like and how to meet children’s needs in an inclusive, empowering way.