Dr. Saima Rana

Principal / CEO, GEMS World Academy

Dr Rana is CEO/Principal of GEMS World Academy - Dubai, Chief Education Advisor for the Varkey Foundation and Founding Trustee of The Shahnaz Foundation. 

Dr Rana has worked as a senior educational consultant with a particular focus on Teaching and Learning, Raising Standards, ICT, Assessment for Learning, Curriculum, Change Management and Building Schools for the Future.  She served as a panel member and subject expert on several programmes for the Department for Education (DfE) and the Office for Standards in Education for Children’s Services and Skills (Ofsted), providing guidance on quality assurance, delivery and professional standards. 

Dr Rana is also a member of the following boards: Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education (PAGE), Mosaic Community Trust (MCT), University College School (UCS), the Institute for Ethical AI in Education (IEAIED) and the BCS School Curriculum and Assessment Committee and is a qualified Executive Leadership Coach. 

Dr Rana has also devoted herself to a variety of charitable educational projects, with a particular passion for building schools for poor children across the globe. She is the trustee of charitable schools and a global ambassador for Girls Education initiatives and is a mental health ambassador for Refugee Mothers. She believes passionately that education is the answer to eliminate poverty, inequality, and injustice, and has dedicated her career to the ideal of giving every child a world class education.



GESS Talks Arena

15 November 2021 | 11:00 - 11:20 | Social impact and Eco Schools through Leadership of Learning

• Recognising the current context of social and eco issues that impact on the lives of our students

• Recognising that giving space and actively encouraging social justice empowers students and develops their sense of being world leaders and active global citizens

• Developing the importance of student voice

• Contextualising the curriculum offer so that subjects such as geography, STEM subjects, history and extracurricular activities gain extra importance and relevance to learners

• Recognising that institutional practices (e.g. paperless bureaucracy) need to speak to the same agenda of care

• Recognising the central place of ethics and values in all learning activities and relationships

Leaders in Education Conference

16 November 2021 | 11:05 - 11:25 | English | The importance of global context on forming the cosmopolitan ethos of a school curriculum and ethos

• Globalization as the context of cosmopolitanism
• The importance of cosmopolitanism as a perspective on developing a world curriculum and a shared sense of global citizenship
• The importance of cosmopolitanism as an ethic of universal human rights
• The importance of cosmopolitanism as an ethic of welcoming difference
• The importance of cosmopolitanism in the arts, requiring us to engage with cultural activities
• Ensuring the school’s vision sees the student and staff cosmopolitanism as a resource
• Creating a learning culture that reflects cosmopolitanism in its fullness via curriculum depth and breadth, offered experiences and an ethos that foregrounds cosmopolitanism and global interests and commitments.