Dr Randa Soliman

TEFL Program Coordinator Assistant Professor

Ajman University

Dr. Randa Soliman is currently the coordinator of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Program at the College of Humanities and Basic Sciences at Ajman University. She had been the Head of TEFL Department at the College of Education at Ajman University since 2014/2015 until 2018/2019 (Five successive years). She is specialized in Curricula and Instruction. Dr. Randa has more than 16years teaching experience and in Higher Education. Living and teaching in the UAE since 2001 has enabled her to develop an understanding of the UAE culture with its unique features. Dr. Randa's research interest is learner engagement, assessment for learning, creative-thinking, employment skills and Learners ‘ownership of learning. Dr. Randa conducts training for university professors, schoolteachers and students on effective teaching methodology, assessment and safe learning environment.


Leadership stream

25 February 2020 | 13:30 - 14:00 | Leadership Dialogues: Teachers' Intentionality for Enabling Students to Develop a Growth Mindset

Teachers are change-agents who can work towards getting students to have ownership of their learning. Teachers should be trained on helping students gain new competencies and take on leadership roles. Contributing to the design and implementation of the teaching/learning activities and the classroom environment is an important feature of active learning where students play different roles. Accepting failure as a step to achieve success occurs when teachers have dialogues with students that enable them to develop a growth mindset. Research shows that increase of students' motivation, their willingness to accept new challenges and their healthier reaction to failure can be achieved through structured conversations and activities which target the development of a growth mindsets. The presentation/ workshop will focus on how dialogue is a great resource for leadership development and learning and different ways of helping students adopt a growth mindset.