Dr Moussa Sweidan

Manager and Instructor in University

Touch Education

Moussa Sweidan is a technological instructor in some of the Lebanese Universities for 10 years. I am also the general manager of Touch Education, a Robotics Company that offers Robotics programs from K to 12 for most schools in Lebanon. I am also working with most schools as an ICT in education consultant. I have a patent for the robots program from the Lebanese government.


Innovation Stage

27 February 2020 | 12:00 - 12:30 | Robotics and Coding for Kindergarten (STEAM Education)

Robotics naturally lends itself to teaching math, science, technology and engineering in the K-12 classroom. Our Robotics program makes it easy for students even in kindergarten to use and program their own robot using puzzle cards and mission maps with stickers. However, the key to bringing engineering into K-12 through robotics is educating teachers on the content, how to use the materials, and how open-ended design problems can be effective in the classroom.