Dr. Jennifer Ricks

Director of Learning

American Community School of Abu Dhabi

Dr. Jen Ricks has served schools, districts and state departments of educations in various roles throughout her career. She is currently the Director of Learning at the American School of Abu Dhabi, a premier, non-profit, U.S. accredited, college preparatory school serving a diverse student body.


Growth Mindset

15 November 2022 | 15:30 - 15:50 | English | Sustainable Support for Middle Level Leaders

Want to institutionalise ongoing growth and support for your middle level leaders? Our cohort model uses pre-service days, monthly support sessions and 1-1 coaching to build leadership, collaboration and facilitation skills. Participants will come away with strategies and structures that can easily be adapted into any school setting.  By treating your middle level leaders as a cohort, you can foster a sense of community that values a shared skillset.  Investing in this segment of the school will have far reaching impacts on school culture because collectively they interact with all teachers on a daily basis.