Dr Inas Sobhy

Former Undersecretary of Central Directorate for Education Leaders Development Center CDELDC

Ministry of Education

Currently the Undersecretary of Central Directorate for Educational Leaders Development Centre. Ex-General Director of the General Department of eLearning at Ministry of Education and vocational Education. She was the former Consultant of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Clubs and supervised the development of the Vocational Education Logistic Curriculum the light of competencies path in the WISE-one of USAID Projects. Former General Director of the General Department of Information System at the Teachers' Professional Academy; acting eContent Consultant in the project of eLearning support to student with special needs and the Technical Learning in Egypt by the Ministry MCIT a member at the National Committee of the Internet Safety and the National Committee of the Arabic Digital Content.


Leadership stream

26 February 2020 | 16:00 - 16:30 | How Technology can Transform Leadership

Available technology can automate much of what we call management, giving leaders more time to lead. This is vital. As digitization disrupts at an ever-increasing rate, leaders are challenged to accurately anticipate shifts in the business environment, and to make their organizations markedly more agile. Leaders need to be liberated from routine work to focus more on strategic transformation.

Dr Inas Sobhy | GESS Dubai Education Exhibition and Conference


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