Dr. Inas Sobhy

CIO - Chief Intelligence Officer

Badr University

Chief Intelligence Officer (CIO) at Badr University in Cairo and at Edu System International (ESI) Schools. Head of Partnerships & Business Developments at Classera for Smart Learning (HQ @ Silicon Valley USA) Former Undersecretary of Central Directorate for Educational Leaders Development Center at Ministry of Education. Former eLearning General Director at Ministry of Education, Egypt. Entrepreneurship Innovation Senior Specialist at WISE Project/USAID and Former Information System Director at PAT (Professional Academy for Teachers), Educational & eContent Consultant (Consultant for Supporting eLearning  for Hearing & Visually Impaired Students Project ICT Trust Fund& UNDP) and Former Project Executive Manager for Oracle Academy Egypt with a wide range of experience in Education, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Training, Teaching Technology, eLearning, Database Programming Languages, Database Design Judgement and Quality Assurance for over 27 years. Able to work on own initiatives and as part of a team. Proven leadership skills involving managing, developing, and motivating teams to achieve their objectives. First-class analytical, design and problem-solving skills. Dedicated to maintaining high quality standards.


17 November, 2022 | 14:30 to 15:15
"الميتافيرس" والتعلم المستقبلي

ماذا يعني ذلك بالنسبة للتعليم


ستناقش اللجنة كيف تؤثر المفاهيم الجديدة في التعليم على جميع مستويات التعليم.

17 November, 2022 | 14:30 to 15:15
The Metaverse & Future learning

What does it mean for education

The panel will discuss how new concepts in education are making an impact across all levels of education.