Dr Helen Wright

Board Chair, International Education Advisor, Executive Leadership Coach

Dr Helen Wright is a highly experienced International Education Advisor who challenges and coaches leaders and schools around the world to think and act ambitiously about the future of schools, education and young people. Her main areas of expertise lie in the development of global competence, diversity of thought and authentic leadership. She is a former Vice-Chair of the UK Independent Schools Council and a school inspector who led top independent schools in the UK and Australia for 13 years. As an Associate of LSC Education, she recruits leadership candidates for roles in international schools across the world and she coaches several school leaders internationally, helping them to raise their game at whichever stage of their career they find themselves. She holds several Board Director roles in the UK and overseas, and currently works with schools and leaders in Hong Kong, Australia, China, the UAE, the Netherlands and the UK, amongst other countries.


Leaders in Education Conference

14 November 2021 | 12:15 - 12:35 | English | Positioning yourself for a school leadership role: why and how

This session is aimed at teachers and school leaders who are thinking about taking on a more senior leadership role now or in the future. Based on Dr Helen Wright’s experience over several years with LSC Education as a recruiter of school leaders in the UAE and globally, the session will explore:

  • Why it is so important to find the right leadership role
  • How to find the right role;
  • How applicants for leadership roles can position themselves effectively for a successful application.


Skills Development Training

14 November 2021 | 13:30 - 14:15 | English | What we wish we had known about school leadership

This session is aimed at teachers and school leaders who are thinking about taking on a more senior leadership role now or in the future. In 2019-20, Dr Helen Wright and Dr Sarah Howling, both highly experienced former school leaders, embarked on a project to ask school leaders across the world to share their learnings about leadership, which resulted in a book (publication date December 2020). This session shares many of these key insights, along with key pieces of advice for aspiring leaders (and leaders who are already in post), including: • how to lead yourself first • how to develop relationships and culture– the key to leadership • how to manage difficult people and have difficult conversations.

Wellbeing Space

14 November 2021 | 14:45 - 15:05 | English | A Fireside Chat with Aysha, author of Dream Land

While exploring Dream Land, Shamma and her friend Dana meet a fairy named Ilah, who shows them her house. Ilah wakes up the two girls and they all go to the park. The ongoing storm starts to go away and Shamma is very amazed, telling Ilah that she indeed is a real fairy.


Skills Development Training

15 November 2021 | 12:30 - 13:15 | English | Leading from the heart: radically shifting the focus of schools

This session is aimed at leaders who want their leadership to become more deeply impactful in school. Based on Dr Helen Wright’s experience as a leadership coach over the past 7 years, her collaboration with other colleagues, and her training as a Heartstyles Associate, this session will explore: • how to understand and own your personal values • how to shift the language of values in school, starting with the Board • how to have the courage to lead up as well as down.


GESS Talks Arena

15 November 2021 | 15:00 - 15:20 | English | How to deal with a disruptor of education in your family - lessons learned

In this session, Dr Helen Wright will talk candidly about how her youngest daughter’s refusal to go to school has challenged (and ultimately strengthened) her powerful understanding of what schools can and should be.

She has had to relearn – with humility and a degree of vulnerability - what schools are for; she will share her insights as a mother and as an internationally respected educational leader.

A fireside talk with: