Dr Helen Wright


Dr Wright is a former Vice-Chair of the UK Independent Schools Council who led top independent schools in the UK and Australia for 13 years and now has a vigorous career concentrating on international education. As an Associate of LSC Education, she recruits leadership candidates for roles in international schools across the world and she currently coaches several senior school leaders internationally, helping them to raise their game at whichever stage of their career they find themselves. Dr Wright holds several non-executive board roles in the UK and overseas, and has developed a particular niche in promoting and developing diversity of thought in different governance structures. Dr Wright is a regular speaker at international education conferences, focusing on leadership, global mobility and how to meet the needs of young people – and school leaders and boards - in today’s world.


Future Leaders

27 February 2019 | 12:30 - 13:30 | English | How to Make Sure Your Next Leadership Role is the Perfect Fit

This session is aimed at current and aspiring school leaders who are starting to look ahead to their next move in international education and who want to prepare effectively. Drawing on recent extensive recent research conducted by LSC Education with over 200 school leaders worldwide, this workshop will look closely at what makes a really good fit in a leadership role, and how leaders and aspiring leaders can best prepare themselves to make a successful next move. Areas covered will include: • What does ‘a good fit’ in leadership roles actually mean? • How should you set about choosing your next role? • How and when might career coaching benefit you? • What should your next steps be on your journey to your next role?

Leadership stream

28 February 2019 | 10:30 - 11:00 | English | The Diversity Equation: How Diversity in Leadership can Improve School Outcomes

This session will look at recent research worldwide which increasingly shows the benefit that diversity in leadership brings to the economic success and sustainability of organisations, and will explore what this can and should mean for schools. Areas covered will include: • An overview of research into the benefits of diversity in leadership teams • What diversity means in practice • Hurdles and barriers to diversity • What schools can do to embrace diversity in leadership: a stepped process