Dr. Elaine Al Quraan

Leadership training specialist


Elaine Al Quraan is currently a consultant of leadership and management in Education at Emirates Schools Establishment -UAE. Dr. Elaine obtained a PhD in leadership, management and policy from the British University in Dubai-UAE.She obtained a bachelor’s degree in English Language and literature from Yarmouk university, Jordan and a master’s degree in Education from the British University in Dubai in association with Birmingham University. Her area of expertise spans through topics of the STEM education, leadership and management, school improvement, assessment & evaluation, and strategic planning and coaching. Dr. Elaine has many years of administrative and consultation and high school experience. She has been coaching and supporting school improvement initiatives and MoE strategic projects for many years. She is a member of several educational education organizations such as the National Association of Research on Science Teaching (NARST) and TESOL Arabia. She has published widely in peer-reviewed journals and participated in book publications.


Growth Mindset

15 November 2022 | 14:30 - 14:50 | English///Arabic | Influencing Factors of STEM Integration and Implementation

It is vitally important that integrated STEM education in K-12 schools aligns with 21st century skills, creates new jobs, improves economies, and educates the next generation of STEM professional. Significant amounts of money and resources have been allocated to advance STEM education in various settings. The study of these subjects combined as STEM education occupies the forefront of investigation for many educators, researchers, and decision makers The purpose of this study was to investigate the key factors related to the implementation of an integrated STEM curriculum in K-12 schools. The theoretical included description and discussion of three major theories and model as appropriate to the integrative, investigative nature of study. Using a mixed method research design, the current study sought to learn what experts identified as critical elements of successful integrated STEM curriculum development in the context of design-based education, project-based education.