Dr Dhruv Patel

CEO and Founder

Nisai Group

Dhruv Patel is the Chief Executive of The Nisai Group, an organisation dedicated to providing solutions for students around the world. For over 22 years, Nisai Learning has utilised online and virtual technology as an effective and innovative way of granting access to education. Nisai Learning is an online school that provides an inclusive, social and student-focused community for every student. Through our own online platform, called the Nisai Virtual Academy, we provide learners from all backgrounds a bespoke education. Replicating a mainstream school in terms of student support, exam office, monitoring of progress, and attainment, we ‘respect the student’ by providing a holistic approach to education which has proven necessary and successful for many. During our time, we’ve worked with thousands of students with various barriers, from medical illness to mental health or geographical location. In the UK and abroad in locations such as the Philippines, Malaysia, India, Moldova and Australia, we consistently achieve high levels of engagement and good academic results. In recent years, Dhruv has been appointed to the Board of Trustees of TEVASPHIL Inc., a national trade association that represents private technical and vocational schools in the Philippines. In 2016, Dhruv was also recognised as a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Management by The Royal Institute of Singapore. Dhruv has also been listed in the Financial Times Top 100 BAME Leaders in Technology.


Neuroscience & Wellbeing

27 February 2020 | 14:00 - 14:30 | Addressing Invisible Disabilities in education and how technology can help

Disabilities are not always visible. Students could be suffering from anxiety, mood disorders, personality disorders or other forms of social, emotional and mental health and we may not even see it. Learners with invisible disabilities often do not have the courage to attend a mainstream school and need extra support. How can technology help? This presentation aims to go over statistics on inclusivity in education from Dubai and the UAE and how we can use technology to create a more sustainable future. We need to work together to support those with invisible disabilities and understand the misunderstood. Education is the first step to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals for 2020 and we will address how technology can support this ambition.