Dr Brian Gray


Springdales School Dubai

Dr. Brian Gray Brian possesses degrees in teaching, special education, leadership and management and a doctorate in education. He has been a classroom teacher, curriculum coordinator, director of teaching and learning, assistant principal, principal across five schools and principal advisor both in Australia and the United Arab Emirates for the past seven years. He is currently Principal of Springdales School, Dubai. Brian has published more than 8 articles on school leadership and school improvement and has been a guest speaker at conferences in Australia, Singapore and the UAE. He was awarded the prestigious Australian Council for Educational Leadership (ACEL) National and State of Queensland Fellowships on October 6, 2011 and was recently recognized as the ‘best of the best’ by receiving an educational leadership award at the World Education Congress Awards in Mumbai, India.


Growth Mindset

15 November 2022 | 13:00 - 13:20 | English | The Principal CEO Nexus in Dubai Private Schools

I will call upon my experience across the UAE as a principal and ethnographer/researcher to provide an alternative to the commonly used leadership structure of CEO and Principal in private schools across Dubai. I will argue that if a school recruits a skilled principal then there is a distinct possibility that the CEO position is redundant. This is because school principals are best positioned to drive school improvement through their staff in ways that research tells us are effective methodologies for change in the 21st century. I will refer to the research of Dewar, Keller and Malhotra "CEO Excellence"; Simon Senik and CCL Research White Paper "The role of power in effective leadership".