Dr Beatrix Henkel

Mentor Program Lead/Training Specialist

Ministry of Education

I am an experienced communication skills trainer and leadership coach, accredited by the International Coach Federation. Currently, I am leading on a nationwide Mentoring Program in the Ministry of Education that aims at mentoring and coaching education professionals on how to introduce and manage change in their teams. I am ready to work with those mid-career professionals who are ambitious and goal oriented. My mission is to nurture their career ambitions and help them advance in their careers by realizing how they can lead from the middle.


Education in action

27 February 2020 | 13:30 - 14:00 | UAE-Based School Improvement Projects: Lessons Learnt

This workshop is primarily for those who are ready to embrace change and lead the process at school level. It offers a critical analysis of previous school improvement projects in the UAE. Also, it introduces the Choice map™ and several hands-on tools that have the potential to motivate and engage teachers and students while helping them grow and facilitate change. References will be made to the UAE School Inspection framework and Vision 2021, too.