Dr Ayesha Saeed Husaini


Dr. Ayesha is one of the rare Director’s in the region whose PhD is in Special Education, from the University of Sheffield, UK. Her thesis on ‘Inclusion in UAE’ gives her a unique grounding on the needs of UAE society and how best to include individuals with disability. Her Psychology Honors Thesis in the disability arena ranked First in Delhi University, and she also got a University Ranking in her Masters Degree in Social Work. She also has a Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Relations & Personnel Management. Ayesha has been an Educational Psychologist, Counselor & Lecturer during her 20+ years in Dubai, and is the Founder of Dubai’s first support group for families having persons with disability in 1999. Besides speaking at conferences & on Radio, her TV show ‘Ask Ayesha’ has been prominently featured in UAE media. Dr Ayesha sits on the Advocacy Committee of Dubai Government’s Community & Development Authority & is the Governor for Inclusion on a few UAE School Boards. She has been featured in the Middle East’s Iconic 100 NRI’s list & also won the ‘UAE Woman of the Year’ Award. Dr Ayesha is also the proud recipient of the 2012 Princess Haya Award for Special Education in the “Outstanding Director General” category and is the 2018 winner of the MENA Regional Social Impact Award given by the British Council.


Neuroscience & Wellbeing

26 February 2019 | 11:00 - 11:30 | English | Vocational Training and Inclusive Employment

The prerequisite skills for employment are developed through appropriate vocational training. Thus, the training should address all the necessary areas of personal and professional development to maximize the abilities of each individual. Adequate training significantly increases the chances of employment of people of determination and equips them with tools to retain the gained employment opportunity. Successful employment process is not only dependent on the functional capacities of the person of determination, but also on the responses of the environment. Therefore, both the person of determination and the employer need to be appropriately supported throughout the process. Manzil is a pioneering organization in the UAE in the field of inclusive employment and will share the experience and best practices through this presentation