Dr Abdullatif Al Abdullatif

The General Supervisor of Digital Transformation and Information Security

Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia

Abdullatif is currently an advisor and General Supervisor of Digital Transformation and Information Security in ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia. He is handling the digital transformation file for education. Before that he was the owner of the National digital transformation strategy (Raqmi) file for the whole kingdom in the National Digital Transformation Unit where he was the VP there. Abdullatif started his experience in digitalization and digital transformation in the educational sector, he was heading the effort for Digital transformation for one of the oldest and biggest universities in the kingdom.


Innovation Stage

27 February 2020 | 13:00 - 13:30 | How Digital Transformation will change the Education sector within the Kingdom

With the vast transformation that the kingdom of Saudi Arabia are going through which is driven by VISION2030, the educational sector and building Human capabilities is one of the most important sector the vision is focusing on, this talk will showcase the how digital transformation is going to help realize the Kingdom’s vision in Education.