Donovan Patterson

Deputy Principal, Ministry of Education, UAE

Donovan is from Toronto, Canada and has been a Resident in the UAE for the past 9 years; He is a School Deputy Principal, in the UAE with the Ministry of Education at a Government School in Al Ain. He has had 30 years in Education as a Teacher, a Vice Principal and a Principal. He is a published author who holds a Masters Degree in Educational Administration and Supervision. He is the C.E.O. of Performance Plus Coaching, using Artificial Intelligence to improve athletes’ performance. He is a licensed sports agent as well as a certified Sports Coach – of Basketball, Football and Athletics. While doing the much needed work of a Transformational Life Coach, working primarily with Youth, Donovan is An international Motivational Speaker and the Host of "Quaranteen" Talk – where youth, all around the world, can have a voice

Skills Development Training

15 November 2021 | 13:30 - 14:15 | English | Developmental Assets

I will be using Research to show how Developmental Assets plays a vital role in the lives of children. Assets are 40 values, experiences and qualities that help kids succeed. Adult role models is ONE of SIX boundaries-and-expectations assets. 27% of youth surveyed have this asset in their lives. Search Institute, has identified 40 positive experiences and qualities that all of us have the power to bring into the lives of children and youth, which are called Developmental Assets. For many people, the assets have become a source of ideas and inspiration in the face of frustration. Peter Benson, Search Institute President, coined the phrase, "the power of one" - the potential for one individual to help to heal, to support, to challenge, and to change, for the better, the life of a young person.