Debra Forsyth

Head Teacher

Debra Forsyth has worked in education for over 30 years, starting her career teaching Science and Chemistry in London, England.  Debra soon discovered a passion for international education and began her career overseas in Abu Dhabi in 1987.  She has since enjoyed working to develop education in Muscat, Damascus, Vienna, and Sharjah, in a range of educational establishments and in a variety of middle leader, senior leader and advisory capacities.  She joined Latifa School, Dubai, in 2003 and was appointed as Head Teacher of the school in 2010.

As a BSME member, Debra was involved in the creation of the BSME Accreditation System and has been committed to the development of schools in the region through the BSME and BSO Accreditation processes, taking part as an inspector in a number of accreditation visits.

Debra joined the BSME Executive Committee in 2017, with responsibility for CPD.



Innovation Stage

28 February 2019 | 13:30 - 14:00 | English | The value of value-added

Value-added measures provide a fairer and more reliable way for schools to benchmark themselves against other schools. And by extending the analysis to cohorts, subjects and groups school leaders can identify where teaching is having the most positive impact, as well as areas that need improvement.
Paul Charman from Fischer Family Trust explains how they use value-added scores based on their CAT4 data to inform school improvement processes and to support engagement with external stakeholders including parents, accreditation bodies and inspection authorities.