David Harkin


8billionideas Ltd

David is the Founder and CEO of 8billionideas which exists to give every student the skills and belief to change the world. It does this by teaching entrepreneurship, career education and future skills through its platform and via its services to students of all ages. In 2022, David was ranked 8th in the world by ISC Research as one of the top influencers globally positively disrupting the education sector and recently published his first book, 'The Ripple Effect: How surprisingly small changes in mindset can make big things happen' with endorsers from the world of education, business, and journalism. 8billionideas has worked with 250,000 students from around the world in 4 continents and has become an award-winning organisation recognised by the TES and COBIS on a global scale. In 2021, it was honoured to be one of twenty organisations that was featured by St James' Palace in its publication on 'Leadership and Innovation - For the next 300 years'. David is a proud 2x TEDx speaker and in 2020 he was asked to be a Council member of Foundation of Educational Development - which has been created to help create a long-term vision for education. In 2021 he was made a Fellow of High Performance Learning by the globally renowned Professor Deborah Eyre. He is also proudly the Director of Entrepreneurship at Harrow Hong Kong & Bangkok, British School of Jakarta and to the Chatsworth School group. In 2022 he won the award for EduFuturist of the Year.


Leaders in Education Conference

16 November 2022 | 11:20 - 11:40 | English | Why the Webcam will be Education's Best Friend a Decade Ahead

David will be stating the case of why the webcam will be education's best friend a decade ahead. He will talk about his journey and the mission of 8billionideas - to give every student on the planet the skills and belief to change the world, by providing a combination of virtual and hybrid services into schools. The webcam means children are no longer limited to opportunity, teacher workload is improved by outsourcing key elements, it is sustainable and cost effective.


Leaders in Education Conference

17 November 2022 | 13:45 - 14:30 | English | Armchair chat with:


17 November, 2022 | 15:15 to 16:00
Education for the Future

This panel will discuss the current structure of education within schools and on-line what will schools look like in the future, including the curriculum and the learning environment how change is happening now.