Daniel Ingvarson

Education Technology Evangelist

Daniel is an edtech architect and innovator who has helped design and shape Australia’s modern edtech ecosystem, and cofounder of MoxieReader. Daniel grew up in a family which placed a strong emphasis on education, setting the scene for a career working to span the divide between education and technology. At the dawn of the third industrial revolution, Daniel built the first education internet service provider and the first school-specific internet gateway in Australia. After designing, developing and selling an e-learning platform in 2000, Daniel went on to conceive and lead the National Schools Interoperability Program, creating a data operability and single sign-in system to enable secure digital ecosystems for Australian schools and improving access to high quality information and online services for students, teachers, parents and policy makers. Daniel moved to New York in 2014 and worked with the New York State Education Department on implementation of the RIC One Project, a data interoperability and single sign on framework to enable a secure digital ecosystem, before founding MoxieReader, a reading support program that motivates students to read more using a reading fitness tracker personalized according to their reading level and interests.


Innovation Stage

26 February 2019 | 14:30 - 15:00 | English | Past Learning for Future Learning: Edtech solutions in the context of industry 4.0

Huge opportunities exist for education as a result of industry 4.0. What can we learn from our past missteps, and how can we ensure that great education pedagogies become even greater with technology? Technology is crossing a threshold for education – where the gap between what is supplied and what education needs is narrowing toward a tipping point. A deeper understanding of the real issues of education is creating better environment for edtech innovation. This session is for: Principals, E-learning directors, CTO’s & leading teachers. Those attending will gain understanding of:

• Education impacts of Machine Learning: breakthroughs and projects

• Top trends around the globe, and examples from schools and edtech vendors.

• The future of successful progress in education and technology

• Schools opportunities to support workforce needs of industry 4.0