Craig Lamshed

Principal, Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai

Mr Craig Lamshed has educational leadership experience spanning more than 20 years, including as a Principal in Dubai and also covering the British, United Arab Emirates, International Baccalaureate, Australian and American curricula. He has been a brand leader for Cambridge Schools in Dubai, a member of the Global Education Review and is accredited as a British Schools Overseas reviewer. A graduate of Monash University in Australia, he additionally holds a Masters in School Leadership. He brings to RGS Guildford Dubai proven experience of founding a secondary school in the United Arab Emirates, profound and wide-ranging educational leadership, including in Dubai, and a passion for excellence.


Leaders in Education Conference

16 November 2021 | 13:25 - 13:45 | English | Every Child Can be a Leader

Being a great leader within the school is not just about being Head Boy or Head Girl. The Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai, believes that every child has the potential to become a great leader if they are taught the right skills. A leader is an individual that truly understands themselves, knows where they want to go, and wants to inspire people to join them on a journey for good. Over the past ten years, the RGS Guildford in the UK has been working on creating a leadership programme that is rooted in the psychology of leadership. The programme’s learning principals are Organisation, Engagement, Imagination, Perseverance, Aspiration and Reflection. Aside from the clear value of academic learning, RGS believes and knows that true success in life depends on so much more. This belief is the true essence of RGS Guildford Dubai’s leadership programme, Riyada, which means ‘leadership’ in Arabic, and is at the heart of RGS Guildford Dubai’s curriculum.