Colin McCabe

Director, International

Lightspeed Systems

Colin McCabe is the International Director of the educational technology company, Lightspeed Systems. Formally a teacher and school leader, he has held strategic responsibility for digital transformation at local authority level, leading on digital transformation, pedagogy and online safeguarding. He has delivered a one-to-one device programme for 14,500 young people across 40 schools and supported teachers and safeguarding leads to adapt to this 21st-century approach to classroom learning.


Global Learning

17 November 2022 | 14:00 - 14:20 | English | Are we Maximising our Investments in Educational Technology?

Leveraging data collected from the EdTech App Report 2022, this presentation will outline a data-rich approach to support the detailed analysis needed to maximise schools' investment in technology. Investment in educational technologies is at an all-time high within schools, with an array of new digital tools and apps being introduced. More and more schools are including one-to-one device plans within their digital strategies and it is increasingly difficult to keep track of these investments in hardware and software to ensure productive usage toward enhancing student outcomes. Maximising these investments is a key question for school leadership and one that this session will explore in detail.