Claire Hazenburg

Classroom Technology Teacher

After studying a Bachelor of Education majoring in Information Technology at the University of Queensland in Australia, I moved to the Sharjah, UAE. I have been teaching at the Australian International School in Sharjah for over two years as a primary school classroom teacher and technology and innovation leader. I have provided professional development opportunities for teachers in my school interested in implementing classroom based technology including Makey Makey and Scratch. I am currently organizing and teaching extra curricular coding and robotics activities using LEGO NXT robots. In addition to my work at AIS, I am studying a Masters of Education (Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation) at Charles Sturt University (CSU). After achieving high distinctions for my research in online learning the UAE and knowledge networking technologies, I have been invited to join a team representing CSU in an American based project. The initiative is working towards designing and developing a 21st century collaborative learning platform for international tertiary educators. My experience working with students from a range of cultural and religious backgrounds in both national and international contexts has allowed me to develop a unique global perspective on education and technology integration in K-12 settings.


Future Learning

26 February 2019 | 15:30 - 16:00 | English | Online Learning: A Case for Flipped Classrooms in the U.A.E

This multimodal, research-based presentation will discuss how flipped learning (FL) pedagogies and practices can be used to enhance learning within K-12 schools in the UAE. With the rise of communication technology and Web 2.0 tools, online learning practices are becoming increasingly common in all education sectors around the world. As part of my Master's research, I have identified three barriers to the successful integration of online learning practices in the UAE. These include the impacts of high-context culture and communication styles, student perspectives and developing online learning repositories. Using the findings from the report, the presentation will detail how FL can extend and support learning within a K-12 classrooms in the UAE. In addition to exploring the practical aspects of FL such as selecting digital tools and content creation, the presentation will also consider student readiness and how to support teacher development.