Christopher Batchelder

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Co-Founder & Creative Director—Christopher is a creative ideator, designer, and learning experience curator. He draws from a vast collection of diverse interests to find inspiration for his learning and education designs. He has led creative multidisciplinary teams in the UAE to develop experiential STEM programs, cyber defense and computer learning workshops, entrepreneurship trainings, hospitality trainings, online virtual learning modules, hands-­on leadership and coaching programs, and interactive courses for prison inmates, to name a few. Christopher’s first question to ask when designing is, “What if I didn’t know ANYTHING about this? Where would I start? What would we create?”

Christopher is a co-founder of Bon Education, a learning design company based in the UAE. Bon Education, founded in 2009, builds customized capacity development initiatives, workforce readiness programs, outreach and community learning programs, talent identification and development programs, internship and apprenticeship programs, program piloting and testing projects, as well as program strategy and implementation plans. Bon Education is proud to have served many prominent organizations over the past decade including, CISCO, Microsoft, Google, Scholastic, Jumeirah Group, Meydan, Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation, as well as many other Dubai and Abu Dhabi based government entities.


Future Leaders

27 February 2019 | 13:30 - 14:30 | English | Leading With Powerful Questions (Whatever Your Role May Be)

Every leader knows the power of asking a good question (or they should). But, encouraging distributed and emergent leadership throughout a team or an organization by empowering staff with the skill of powerful questioning is the next level. When team leaders, coaches and staff members regularly formulate and ask powerful questions, they are able to get to the heart of issues quickly, solve their own conflicts, build trust amongst themselves, set strong goals, build up their vision and sense of possibility and find creative solutions.

In this interactive, experiential session we will explore different ways of using questions to support the growth of teams and ourselves. After sharing a very quick presentation about our experience working with questions at Bon Education, attendees will be led through a structured play with a deck of 56 question cards we have created.

When questions come out to play, who knows what will happen!

Come to this session if you'd like to use questions to create greater impact in your organization. Along the way you might discover something new about yourself and be inspired by others in the room!