Catherine O'Farrell


Catherine O'Farrell is one of the founders of, an organisation supporting people of determination in a holistic way across the MENA region. Catherine has been working in education and inclusion for almost 20 years, she has degrees in Education, Psychology and a masters in Engineering. She is passionate about developing opportunities for children with individual needs. She has been a Group Head for some of the region's largest educational providers and has worked with international and national committees from the Global Sustainability Network to the Ministry of Education here in the UAE to push for a more sustainable and inclusive world. Catherine is a regular media contributor and conference speaker.


Growth Mindset

17 November 2022 | 13:30 - 13:50 | English | Why is the Bestselling book "The Secret" so valuable for educators?

How is the world Best Selling Book The Secret important for educators? Growth Mindset can Transform your Teaching! A review of the research behind the Growth Mindset that is pervading popular discussion in the educational community. Delving into the methodologies that can transform your teaching and taking a practical look at how we can implement these not only in our teaching but in our daily lives.