Catherine O'Farrell

Founder, Incluzun

Catherine O’Farrell is an experienced educational leader and consultant. She hosts an international voluntary forum for Inclusion & Wellbeing leaders. Catherine holds prestigious degrees including education, psychology and a postgraduate. She also holds graduate-level degrees in Counseling and Psychotherapy. Catherine has 16 years of experience in international education. She has served in executive leadership role for number of largest school groups. O’Farrell is widely regarded as a regional influential leader and advocate for special education and inclusion communities. She is practicing across the MENA region working under the Global Sustainability Network striving toward the UNSDG Goal 8. Catherine is a regular media contributor and conference speaker.

Global Learning

15 November 2021 | 16:20 - 16:40 | English | Levering the power of systems thinking to improve student outcomes

A deep dive into a research project over 2 years and 11 campuses where a Community of Practice/ Professional Learning Community was formed across the Emirates to improve academic outcomes for students and school ratings from DSIB and SPEA. A Community of practice is a systems thinking methodology designed to lever the power of collective skills across schools or teams. We will investigate how we can use certain tools in a structured way through a structured project to improve teachers practice, develop middle and senior leaders and impact students. With a systematic application of tools such as Strategic Options Development & Analysis and Diagnostic Systems, a team was formed and tracked, trained and monitored closely to grow skills to improve student outcomes. All campuses reflected improvements in student outcomes and governmental inspections.