Cameron Mirza

Chief of Party, IREX

Cameron is the Chief of Party for Pre-Service Teacher Education in Jordan. He works with the Government of Jordan and the university sector to increase the quantity and improve the quality of school teachers countrywide through policy reform, data, building capacity, and improving the public perception of teaching in society. Previously, Cameron was MENA Director for Nottingham Trent University working with governments to close skills gaps and spent several years reforming the higher education sector of the Kingdom of Bahrain. First, as Head of Strategy at the Ministry of Higher Education, then as Director of Strategy for the University of Bahrain. In the UK, Cameron was responsible for delivering such programs as the Respect Action Plan, the youth action plan, young apprenticeships, family intervention program, review of diversity in the curriculum, and review of child poverty while at the Department for Education and Skills. Cameron was also an advisor to the Ministry of Higher Education for Egypt, supporting the improvement of over 40 Universities in Partnership with the Egyptian Knowledge Bank. Cameron is a board member of BETT MEA and sits on the Gulf talent advisory board at Oxford.

Global Learning

14 November 2021 | 10:30 - 10:50 | English | USAID Pre-Service Teacher Education in Jordan

The presentation will focus on how the introduction of a pre service teacher education diploma in Jordan is aiming to transform student outcomes in grades 4-10. The presentation will focus on the following; The current status of teaching , sharing findings of the first national perceptions of teaching survey. The structure of the diploma and how we tackle the issues of cost, scale and access through working though public universities to deliver the program. How university teacher educators and school mentors were trained to support the program the key policy changes made to ensure sustainability of the program and to raise the status of teaching. How technology has been used to scale up access to the program and specifically the technology training given to student educators.