Bushra Parveen

Course Coordinator - Study Skills

Dubai Medical and Pharmacy College

I have been working in the higher education sector in Dubai for thirteen years. Already presented and published on Information Literacy which is one of the essential skills for 21st-century to make the students lifelong learners. My research work, teaching and a significant amount of time spent in an educational institute led my interest more towards education and I decided to study Education as a subject. Recently I have done Master in Education from Middlesex University, Dubai Campus. During the Master, I got more chance to do research and that too in new and interesting topics like Emotional Intelligence in Education.


Neuroscience & Wellbeing

25 February 2020 | 12:45 - 13:45 | The Link Between Emotional Intelligence and Real World Readiness in Female Tertiary students of Dubai

Preparing students to take on the responsibilities after finishing their studies to succeed on their own should be the aim of higher education institutes of UAE in the 21st - century, especially the one which are taking professional courses. As Emotional Intelligence (EI) has been helping in many different aspects of life including education, this study explores its relation with the 21st - century skills and hence with the real - world readiness of the students. It was found during the research that there is a strong link between EI and real - world readiness of female tertiary students of Dubai. Standard measures of intelligence, i.e. Intelligence Quotient (IQ) are too narrow to cover the full range of human intelligence. Ability to understand and express emotions i.e. EI can play an equal if not more important role in how people fare in life.