Baojun Zhu

General Manager

2003-2007 Graduated from Chaohu University 2007-2013 working for Xincheng Scientific Industries Co.,Ltd 2013- Set up Yuan Technology Limited 11 years working experience for anatomical models producing and marketing


Innovation Stage

27 February 2018 | 16:00 - 16:30 | English | Medical Simulation and Biological Education in Schools

Medical Simulation technology began to be used in 1960s. These 20 years, because of changing of medical systems, enhancing of patients’ health and right sense and the limit of traditional clinical teaching ways that time of patient in hospital are short, students are increasing and students’ clinical studying opportunities are less, the medical simulation are developing crazily. Medical traditional studying ways is that students will follow the teachers to hospitals for looking after patients together. The goodness is that students have opportunities to see various clinical patients. But under this teaching ways, the students’ experience are mostly based on the clinical special cases and teachers’ personal characters. This kind of teaching result is not standard, but with randomicity. So the medical simulation education solved this problem. This talk is part of Worlddidac.