Baldish Nijjar

Head of Centre of Excellence - Digital Industries & Assistant Principal Specialism

GEMS FirstPoint

Baldish holds a BSc in Computer Studies and an MSc in Management from the UK. One of the leadership roles Baldish held was Associate Education Officer with Durham Local Education Authority, introducing innovative solutions and initiatives to broaden opportunities for staff and students. Baldish moved to Dubai in 2015, he was the Innovation Leader at Jumeirah College, and was also on the Extended Leadership Team at Jumeirah College and was highly successful in terms of whole-school impact. Baldish is currently GEMS FirstPoint School’s Assistant Principal Specialism and Head of Centre of Excellence Digital Industries. His role sees him pioneering and establishing industry partnerships and initiatives which are the first in the region. Baldish is also the GEMS TELLAL Digital Learning Network Leader for the UAE. Baldish has established a pioneering internship initiative for students which is the first in the region and involves local and global organisations such as Siemens and AlGhurair Foundation, with many more on the verge of being announced over the coming months. Baldish is also a co-founder of the UAE ‘Drones for Education’ initiative, which enables all students to access real-world, current and future work skills. Baldish is always looking for pioneering new concepts and initiatives that can have a positive impact on education. He has a real passion for establishing the highest ambitions for young people and breaking through perceived barriers and challenges.



Education in action

26 February 2020 | 14:00 - 14:30 | English | Integrating industry collaboration within education through a pioneering careers programme

Under the KHDA Rahhal 10X programme we are pioneering a new concept to integrate industry within education, and the first stage is to provide weekly internship opportunities for Year 12 students. The first organisation to be involved and lead in developing the blueprint is Siemens, which coincides with the GEMS FirstPoint launch as a GEMS Centre of Excellence – Digital Industries. Hear from Balidsh Nijjar the leader overseeing the groundbreaking proposal and integration, the students involved in developing this exciting concept, and the EVP from Siemens. The programme has gained interest from KHDA National Workforce, and established local and global organisations have signed up since to provide opportunities which will prepare the students for the real-world beyond the traditional expectations.