Audrey Hametner

CEO, The Bedrock Program

Audrey is the founder of The Bedrock Program specializing in career coaching for teens and young adults in a number of premium UAE schools and is expanding into training youth work professionals to be proficient coaches. She also serves as Vice President of Operations for ‘Upstrive - Deeper Insights, Stronger Results’, the one system you need to measure and powerfully impact student and staff well being.” Audrey is an Adjunct Professor at Middlesex University Dubai at the Business School and IFP Programme. Hametner holds a BA in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Toronto. She also holds a Diploma in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy and Implementation from UN-mandated University for Peace (UPEACE), an EMBA in Innovation Management and Strategy from Imperial College London, and a qualification from The Wharton School. Audrey has spoken at a number of reputable Dubai schools and universities and Podcasts and written on youth engagement topics. Please see the link below for full details.


Global Learning

15 November 2021 | 12:50 - 13:10 | English | The importance of using Career Guidance to motivate students, and create engaged classrooms.

Career and Vocational Education addresses the ‘why’ for students in their education. Too often students and parents discount the value of pre-secondary education in a careers context, and unknowingly de-motivate and undermine the efforts in class implying students ‘have plenty of time’ to consider this later in their school trajectory. Students who are engaged earlier from Grades 7-8 onward in knowing more about their career objectives understand that secondary school education is needed for their long term. They understand that it can work with their values and vision for a successful future, and therefore work harder and are more engaged within the classroom. This contributes to the environment that the OECD has recently identified within their social, emotional wellbeing report, that ties into higher academic results and happier students. With more engaged students, academic performance improves across the board and the achievement of outstanding ratings of schools follow suit.