Ashley Green

Teacher/Wellbeing Coordinator

JESS Dubai

Ashley is a teacher from Scotland who graduated 12 years ago from the University of Glasgow. She moved to Dubai shortly after has been teaching in the Emirate for 9 years. Five of those years have been in JESS Dubai, an outstanding, prestigious school in the region where she is a class teacher and Well-Being coordinator. Passionate about well-being not just for the children but for the staff, Ashley often shares ideas about mindfulness, character strengths and many other positive psychology constructs to nurture the children and take steps towards multidimensional flourishing within the community. Her website was created with educators and parents in mind; resources are available to support the children to enhance their well-being. Ashley has spoken at many conferences in Dubai about well-being. She has shared best practice at events such as GESS, IPSEF, MENA (now known as Teach to Lead) What Works and was part of a KHDA team who presented at the IPEN conference in China in 2017. Ashley has also delivered training sessions at other schools to support well-being journeys in the region. As part of ongoing research, Ashley is learning about supporting teachers to flourish in education. She also loves to speak to educators at the start of the well-being journey at their school and facilitate the sharing of practice between delegates and would be delighted to be part of GESS this year should her expertise be aligned with the event.


Neuroscience & Wellbeing

27 February 2020 | 10:30 - 11:30 | Introducing Wellbeing Practices Practically in Your School

'Character strengths and Wellbeing at JESS - Some Practical Ideas and Time to Share'
Join the wellbeing team from JESS who are passionate about wellbeing in their school community. The whole school character strengths initiative started with staff, before introducing strengths to all the children. Learn about some of the lovely wellbeing initiatives that have happened at JESS during this workshop which will also include time to share ideas with education colleagues. The session will finish with a Q & A session to ask questions and connect!


27 February 2020 | 13:15 - 13:25 | Creative Wellbeing

A 10 minute bite into creative wellbeing activities. Ashley has created a resource that combines creativity and wellbeing knowledge which has roots in positive psychology. Enjoy this 10 minute talk about how to give children more opportunities to be creative whilst thinking about their wellbeing.