Asha Narayanan


Lodha Institute of Teacher Education

Asha Narayanan has been a Principal for the last 18 years of ICSE schools. Currently, she is the Dean of Lodha schools and is responsible for Quality Curriculum and delivery system across all Lodha schools.



Global Learning

16 November 2022 | 13:00 - 14:00 | English | Quest for a New Educational Reality: Teacher Competencies in a Disruptive Age

With the increased democratisation of access to knowledge the role of the teacher has undergone techtonic shifts. From being a ‘Sage on the Stage’, the teacher is increasingly looked upon as a ‘Guide by the Side’. Nevertheless, being a knowledge repository remains the core of the teaching profession, but other competencies like communication, facilitation, conflict resolution and coaching skills are expected and demanded off the new age teacher. This is both a challenge and an opportunity.

Session will cover:

What are the core competencies that a teacher needs to demonstrate?

Teaching is additionally a performance. Has that changed in the digital world?

Teacher as a facilitator is much accepted today. But what does a teacher facilitate?

Is new knowledge creation a worthwhile competency for a new age teacher?