Arielle Davis-Featherstone

IB History Teacher & Extended Essay Coordinator

For the past 6 years Arielle Davis-Featherstone she has been dedicated to excellence as a Teacher of Secondary Social Studies in diverse settings. Ms. Featherstone was a 2013 Teach for America Corp Member in Baltimore, Maryland. She received her M.S.ED in Educational Studies from Johns Hopkins University and a B.A in Sociology and Education from Brooklyn College the City University of New York. During her tenure in the classroom, Ms. Featherstone has served as an Academic Coach, IB History Teacher, Theory of Knowledge Instructor, Moral Education Curriculum Writer and Extended Essay Coordinator. Prior to entering the field of Education, Ms. Featherstone was a a legal intern at the Kings County District Attorney’s Office in New York City. She is very passionate about community and service. Her tenure in the classroom has been a time of excitement, challenge, creativity, and contribution. It has been filled with lessons learned in the most valuable way – from actual experience in a mode of full engagement. Each day she brings a fully engaged mind and heart – always looking to improve, always looking to learn.


Future Learning

26 February 2019 | 13:30 - 14:00 | English | Interdisciplinary Approach to Fostering Student Talk Through Discussion

Fostering meaningful student discussion is a great way for educators to informally assess students content skills as well as their ability to articulate a well formulated argument.  Learning activities such as socratic seminars, town halls and debates serve as platform for teachers to use an interdisciplinary approach to learning. The implementation of these activities enable students to achieve a deeper understanding of texts as well as examine social issues and principles. The session will focus on how to develop critical thinking skills through intentional questioning and using an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning.