Yasmeen Suleiman


Hartland International School
Yasmeen is a 14 year old artist who has made a name for herself through her innovative work with VR and NFTs. 
In 2021 she launched and sold out her first NFT collection (NFTeacups) before launching her larger-scale generative art project ELVEN on her 13th birthday in September. This also sold out and ELVEN has recently celebrated its one year anniversary with the launch of ELVEN Evolved - a complete refresh of the art that saw the 6000 characters grow up!
Yasmeen's work has been featured on Lovin Dubai, in The Khaleej Times and on various podcasts and YouTube shows. Her work also helped win her an art scholarship at Hartland International School where she has taken part in various other creative ventures including Junk Kouture and F1 in Schools as well as presenting at the British Embassy.
This will be her third consecutive year presenting at GESS Dubai.
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16 November 2022 | 16:30 - 17:00 | English | تصميم NFTs جنبًا إلى جنب مع ياسمين

شاهد كيف تقوم ياسمين بإنشاء NFT في الوقت الفعلي، باستخدام مهارات الفن الرقمي التي أتقنتها. احصل على لمحة عن إنشاء الأصول الرقمية والملكية التي تحدث في الوقت الفعلي.